Cover Reveal Book 3 in The Dread Novels, A Special Kind of Crazy

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I hope you like the cover for A Special Kind of Crazy, Book 3 in The Dread Novels! It will be available for preorder April 29th. There will be one more title released before The Dread Novels come to an end. But don’t worry all my books take place in the same world so where the last installment in The Dread Novels ends the first book in The Thrive Saga begins.

You can checkout the synopsis below!


A Special Kind of Crazy SynopsisThe ominous Dread Army is moving against the last remaining human enclaves


In an Elite protected castle in upstate New York, a handful of survivors are prepared to make their last stand. If their defenses are breached, they’ll be infected with a virus that will transform them into vile creatures ruled by base instincts.

Far to the west, Taylor Hart’s special powers have so far kept her and the other refugees from The Ark safe from infection, but how long can they survive alone? Taylor struggles to build alliances with neighboring outposts, but her emerging feelings for Lu interfere. Is there room for love in a world ruled by the Dread?

On the Oregon border, something is waiting. Something…not human. The latest Dread Lieutenant has created a perfect killing machine, a man-turned-monster with only one thought—

Kill Taylor Hart.

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