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Light Em Up (War Wolves Book 3)

As Riot walked to the rear of the ship, she caught banter between Rippa and Ketrick. The Grovothe major and the Trilord prince had been at one another’s throats the entire trip, though their conversations were mostly playful jabs … or at least that was what Riot kept telling herself.

“You remind me of a creature that roams the woods of my home planet. It’s called a Sasquan,” Rippa said to Ketrick as she worked on her mech unit in the cargo bay. “It’s a smelly ogre of a creature with large feet and an ape-like face. Its intelligence factor is barely on the scale. Some would call it an idiot of a beast.”

“Is that so?” Ketrick said. He stood on the opposite side of the cargo bay, scratching the underside of his dragon, Vikta’s, scaly stomach. “If you were born here on Hoydren, your stunted body would have been sent to live outside the city out of the fear you would frighten the children. We would then tell stories of you to our young, stories that would threaten them, that if they behaved badly, you could come for them in the night and eat their faces.”

“Hmmm…” Rippa nodded along with Ketrick’s words as if she expected as much. She didn’t move from her spot where she worked. “If you were born on my planet, we would call you a monstrosity and send you to work in the coal mines. Your dim wit and gargantuan body would make a great asset to the workers there. And, as a bonus, they wouldn’t have to lay eyes on you. It’s dark in the obsidian mines.”

“It wasn’t that funny,” Ketrick growled at Vikta as the dragon cracked a toothy smile.

Vikta was in her smallest form now, no larger than a horse. It still amazed Riot that the creature was able to shift from something this size to her true form, a white dragon as large as her cruiser class ship.

Riot stood in the entrance to the cargo bay for a moment, admiring Rippa’s twenty-foot armored mech and Ketrick’s white dragon. How outrageous had her life become to now be able to make a trip to the cargo hold and see these wonders on a daily basis?

With a rueful smile, Ketrick raised one of his dark eyebrows in Rippa’s direction. The long canine teeth that set him apart as a Trilord showed through.

“We have a name for your kind on our planet, as well, Major Rippa Gunna,” Ketrick said, patting Vikta on her belly. “We call your kind dwarves.”

Rippa dropped the tools she was working with at the feet of her mech unit. They slammed against the floor with a metallic ring. She stood and turned to Ketrick with a stare that could melt ice. For a moment, her fiery red hair seemed to be alive with the flames of anger.

“What did you call me?” Rippa clenched her fists on either side of her stout body.

Thanks for reading! If you like what you see you can grab books one and two <HERE>. Book three is live tomorrow but you can preorder it <HERE>.

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