Wolf Den


Welcome to the Den. This is a place to appreciate all things reader made. Whether it’s fan art, fan fiction or fan photos this is a dedicated page to show off work inspired by my books.


Fan Art:

Teri Miller


I love to read, and was fortunate to find Jonathan Yanez’s books which have inspired me to take up painting after a hiatus of over 5 years.  I was a licensed psychologist for many years, working mostly with children – but that means you work with the families so I can’t say I was exclusively a children’s therapist.  I saw a lot of tragedy, and when you are dealing with children you tend to give 100% of yourself.
I need time to find myself again, and painting is very healing for me.  Jonathan has been so supportive and encouraging, I hope anyone reading this is able to find something in this life that lightens their soul, and a friend like Jonathan to nudge you in that direction!


This original watercolor painting by Teri Miller was inspired by book three in The Archangel Wars, Of Angels and Gods.

Teri is the winner of the first fan art contest. I’m grateful to be able to show off her work on my site.





Also by Teri Miller this piece was brought to life by her brilliant imagination when I asked her to create something for me after reading The Dread Novels.


Another watercolor painting by Teri Miller after reading The Dread Novels. I love her imagination and use of colors. It gives me ideas for future books.
















 Kevin Cruz



There is a very talented artist I’m grateful to be able to call a friend named Kevin Cruz. He was kind enough to do a interpretation of Alan Price from The Archangel Wars. I love his imagination.








Ash Madi

Ash Madi is another awesome artist who was kind enough to send over his interpretation of Alan Price from The Archangel Wars. Ash can be found at www.tightropecomics.com and his Instagram handle at ash_madi.art. Go check him out I promise you won’t be disappointed!