Preorder Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis Today!

  The second installment in the Nephilim Chronicles will be out November 21st. In the meantime you can clink the link below to read the synopsis and preorder your very own copy. It will be delivered automatically to you on release day.  

Cover Reveal and Preorders Available

Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis   I’m happy to announce that book 2 in the Nephilim Chronicles is now available for preorder through Amazon. Although the book will not be out until November 21st Amazon has allowed me to take preorders from my readers. You can read the teaser and click the button below to […]

I Need Your Help. Vote On the Cover of My Next Book!

Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis, Book Covers.        I ran a poll with the first book of The Nephilim Chronicles when it came out and you guys gave me great advice. Sales were through the roof and everyone loved the cover. Once again I find myself seeking your input. Alan Price and […]

Writing in the Face of Rejection, Keep Your Head Up.

  Everyone told me I was happy. I was young making more money than I thought possible just a few years out of college. It wasn’t what I had gone to school for, my English degree was lost somewhere in my closet, forgotten between the paychecks and promotions. Even then I never stopped writing. Sure […]

Types of Angels

Quick disclaimer before things get crazy. The list of Angels to follow is not ALL types of Angels in existence. These are only the kinds you will see in books one and two of the Nephilim Chronicles, Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes and Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis. I also tried […]

Sneak Peek: Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis

Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis Book 2 in the Nephilim Chronicles, Coming Soon     Below is a VERY rough first draft in the second installment of the Nephilim Chronicles. Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis is set to hit stores late November 2014. Enjoy.   Michael sat across from the woman […]

Character Interviews and Excerpts: Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World each hold a secret… Secrets not of this earth… Secrets that will herald the end of times… ___________________________________________________________________ While history was still young, a war for Heaven waged. The defeated were sentenced to a life on earth. They were beaten, not broken. Now using their knowledge of the […]

How to Write Description

The Five Senses       It’s a simple question and an even shorter answer. How do I add depth and description to my writing? The best piece of advice that I received on this topic was incorporating the five senses when you write.      As writers it is easy for us to describe what we […]

The Power of, “What If…?”

          People always ask writers where their ideas come from. For many, including myself, the answer is simple and begins with the two words, “what if…?” Don’t over think your idea. Your brain isn’t trying to trick you. Open your mind to the possibilities. There are no wrong or right answers. Everything is free game. I’ll give […]