Guest Post by Author Hally Willmott

The Juggling Routine My writing process ~ AKA living with a writer Me, Mommy, Professional, “Professional Hobbyist” I first need to thank Jonathan for letting me post within his ‘realm’.   Now, the explanation behind the title …. As I was looking for the perfect picture to show exactly how my life has been over […]

The Fallen Archangel Has Arrived!

    Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis releases today!        I just want to send a quick thank you to everyone who already preordered the book. You guys and gals are the best. If you haven’t yet, you can still get your copy at a discounted rate today. I wanted to […]

How I Wrote 8 Books in Just Over 2 Years.

A Writer’s Gotta Write        Just like the title says above, if you’re a writer you have to dedicate yourself to your art. Like anything else in life if you want to be good, you study those who came before you (reading) and you practice your craft (writing).      There is no […]

Preorder Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis Today!

  The second installment in the Nephilim Chronicles will be out November 21st. In the meantime you can clink the link below to read the synopsis and preorder your very own copy. It will be delivered automatically to you on release day.  

Cover Reveal and Preorders Available

Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis   I’m happy to announce that book 2 in the Nephilim Chronicles is now available for preorder through Amazon. Although the book will not be out until November 21st Amazon has allowed me to take preorders from my readers. You can read the teaser and click the button below to […]

I Need Your Help. Vote On the Cover of My Next Book!

Alan Price and the Temple of Artemis, Book Covers.        I ran a poll with the first book of The Nephilim Chronicles when it came out and you guys gave me great advice. Sales were through the roof and everyone loved the cover. Once again I find myself seeking your input. Alan Price and […]