All my novels, although divided into separate series, are shared in the same world. That means you’ll see characters crossing over into one another’s books and familiar faces popping up at unexpected times. Below is a timeline showing which series take place simultaneously and what novels appear during what time.

 P.S. Here is a full list of links to my books in reading order.

The Elite Series
#1 The Beast Within
#2 The Trials
#3 The Judge

#4 Bad Land

The Archangel Wars 
#5 Of Angels and Men
#6 Of Angels and Demons
#7 Of Angels and Gods
#8 Of Angels and Legends

 The Dread Novels 
#9 All the Beautiful People 
#10 All the Broken People
#11 A Special Kind of Crazy (Coming 2017)
#12 Blood in the Air (Coming 2017)

The Thrive Saga
#13 Thrive

Soon to be included in the Timeline

The DeCadia Series 
#1 The DeCadia Code 
#2 The Crucible