The Elite Series

Connor has his whole life before him when he's called to put his huevos rancheros on the line for an adrenaline-filled journey that leads to a startling discovery of who he really is and a daunting future of what he is to become, bum...bum...bum.


War Wolves

Because a marauding alien empire is on the horizon. Our best chance for survival? Create a coalition of worlds across the unknown galaxies. Master Sergeant Riot and her ragtag heroes are a crew of felons, cripples, gag reflexes, and neurosis.

And now they’ve been sent on a peacekeeping mission. What could go wrong?


The Archangel Wars

Alan thought his life didn't matter, turns out he's the center of everything. He’s called to lead a supernatural, mythical army against hell’s worst demons.

Coming soon - Gateway to the Galaxy