Forsaken Mercenary

Daniel Hunt is the deadliest mercenary in the galaxy if he can just remember. Five years before he woke up with nothing more than his name. Now his present is on a violent collision with his past and the future of the galaxy.


Gateway to the Galaxy

Because it's not how crazy they are, but how much Marine Space Corps 1 enjoys it that makes them dangerous. Travel through a wormhole to face boss-level villains and starship battles.


The New Arilion Knights

Just an average Earth teen life: finding out her mother isn't exactly human, and her planet is about to be invaded, could turn out to be the best things she never knew she needed. Good luck with that, Emma Jackson!


The Invasion

Ravaging planet after planet, an alien horde comes to Earth to continue their plunder… Can a kid brother and group of Marines save humanity? Get some!


The Pandora Experiment

The lies are comfortable. The truth is horrifying. When the walls of lies come crashing down, new civilizations will band together to save humanity. Because everyone loves a thrilling survival story.


War Wolves

Because a marauding alien empire is on the horizon. Our best chance for survival? Create a coalition of worlds across the unknown galaxies. Master Sergeant Riot and her ragtag heroes are a crew of felons, cripples, gag reflexes, and neurosis.

And now they’ve been sent on a peacekeeping mission. What could go wrong?